A Roof Over Our Heads

While it's certainly not a home renovation project that sparks my imagination and creative side, I know in my heart of hearts it's one that's absolutely necessary. Last week, The Anniversary Home got a brand new roof.  Yes, a roof!

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be blogging about a new roof - and actually excited about it - I probably would have laughed in your face and immediately disregarded your vision into the future as delirious, and frankly, sooooo not me. 

But times change and people change, so now Mrs. B is all grown up and buying a new roof. (It's still lame but I'm trying to get excited here peeps.)

We knew when we went under contract on the home that it needed a new roof. Because of the complex and complicated situation with the buyers (it was an estate), the roof did not get replaced before we moved in. In the end, it worked out okay because we had another great recommendation from our inspector, Steve, who put us in touch with Jeff DeFrehn

They did an excellent job and I am beyond pleased with their services. Last Monday, they said they'd be there at 8am. They lied. They got there at 7.15am. And they arrived around 6.30am the rest of the week. These guys were hardworkers. The weather slowed them down for a day or two (high winds) but they were finished by the end of the week nonetheless. Im...press...ive...

We had a really difficult time choosing a color. (Minor rant: who the heck knew there were so many different roof colors? Geeze...) We spent a Sunday afternoon driving around looking at all the DeFrehn clients and colors to get an idea. Mr. B won out in the end with "Mission Brown" - which actually should be called "Mission Light Charcoal Gray with a Hint of Brown" because there's basically no brown. But whatevs.

Because, of course, we both get home when it's dark outside, I had to hold my breath until the next morning to see if the color was *right*..... and it was. That's a lot of pressure deciding on a roof color. You're going to have the darn thing for 20-30 years and you definitely don't get a do-over like you do with paint. Crisis averted.

Photos to come soon....

So with Thanksgiving around the corner, it's safe to say Mr. and Mrs. B are beyond thankful to have a roof over our heads! Hope y'all are too!

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