It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas....

As you can guess, we were a little late this year with getting Christmas decorations up (big surprise there!) so we spent last weekend getting caught up with the Joneses in town. 

Poor Mr. B got stuck with tagging along again one of my infamous adventures to Michael's, but I secretly think that place is starting to grow on him. We spent a good chunk of time getting our plan together for the outside of the house and most of Sunday getting everything up. It's certainly not anything to write home about - in fact, it's a very feeble attempt - but its the effort that matters right? 

Anyways, two trips to Michael's and Lowe's later, 5 or 6 hours in the freezing cold wind (may or may not have been prolonged due to my many mistakes getting the garland right!) and we're officially ready for Christmas at the Anniversary Home... a few pics below. 

In the meantime, we're still making progress with little projects here and there. We spent most of Saturday afternoon appliance shopping in prep for our meeting with the architects on Friday morning. I felt almost a little bad for the lovely man, Lee, who helped us out at Gerhardt's, because it was like kitchen appliance 101 with us. He went back to basics and 3 hours later we left pretty confident we have an idea of what we want for our meeting on Friday. 

Mr. B found me on Sunday morning up a ladder cleaning out the barn gutters. Yes, believe it. I got the ladder up and everything! A few hours later - these gutters had not been cleaned, maybe, ever? - and we were crossing that project off the list!

Check back for an update after Friday to see how our meeting with the architect went. I am SO excited I can hardly wait....


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  1. Deck the halls - Fa la la lalala la la la laaaa! I love the decorations. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. B! xxoo