Hello Miss Oblivious!?

When did this happen?

I walked out of the house very early this morning, and in addition to a beautiful sunrise, I was treated to this beautiful tree.

I feel like it came out of nowhere, but surely this thing just didn't bloom overnight? Did it bloom over the weekend when we were away? Of course I would have noticed it at some point? Or am I really that oblivious to my surroundings?

Springtime at The Anniversary Home is such a treat. We're learning all kinds of new things about our home - some good, some bad - that we were a secret from us during the dark, dormant winter.

The garden / lawn continues to be an epic battle with a few occasional wins (see picture above). Remind me to tell you about our attempt to "reseed" the lawn. What a joke.

My colleague shared some words of wisdom with me last week when I was complaining updating her on our progress with the house.  

"The house always wins. And not just in Vegas."


  1. It's okay, this happens to me too. ;) BTW, it took us two years to seed our grass (front and back) and have it finally be filled in. We didn't want to fork over the money for sod, but the seeding was quite a bit of work and a little frustrating. I feel your pain! Ha!


  2. I like this tree. Its so beautiful. :)
    Do you like follow each other? Let me know. I´d glad. have a great day. :)

  3. The house will not prevail-you will. Think positive!