Back and better than ever...

Welp. I survived.  In case you were wondering.

I aced my finals. (Currently rocking a 3.94 GPA which if you're counting means I'm still upset over the A-.)

We aced the important meetings. (I won't bore you with the details.)

We aced the event. My dear, dear friend, LC, did all the work, and I am super proud of her beautiful achievement. While my photography skills certainly leave something to be desired, here's two snaps I was able to sneak in between all the conversation:

Before the event started. Amazing - and it's not even finished!

Our table - it lit up! And the lamp with flowers inside = gorgeous.

And a special thank you to Mr. B who basically managed life for both of us while I was MIA the past month. You name it, he took care of it: meals, bills, cleaning (which he had no problem doing!), entertaining, kitchen planning...  He was my Mr. Mom. 

Speaking of kitchen....  the cabinets are ordered (again, all Mr.B's work) and we have our kick-off meeting to START the renovation next week.  Here was our inspiration: 

Hopefully, I'll get back on a regular blogging schedule now that life is settling back into a normal routine.  Thanks for hanging with me during the chaos!


  1. soooo glad you're back! now i have something to look forward to:) beautiful event...that LC must be pretty awesome :) and the inspiration for your kitchen - LOVE!!! can't wait to see the updates. keep them coming!