Getting closer!

The rocking chairs are in progress and will be finished this weekend. Always good to set deadlines!

Since this picture, I've put on two coats of primer and now I'm debating whether to do a third coat or jump straight to the paint.

The barn came in handy with this project. It's been raining a lot here lately, so I've been able to work on the chairs without fear of getting them wet if I was in the driveway or something.... 

Pretty new cushions will arrive this week - just in time for the holiday weekend - so I definitely plan on doing some serious front porch sittin' this weekend. And, 20% off + free shipping makes me a happy girl.

Jade green, thank you very much!

Striped jade green, thank you very much!

Not sure how much rocking chair sitting Mr. B. will be up to this weekend because his back is STILL hurting. Yep, remember the fight he had with the Rhodie? The one he lost? Well it got lots worse and he's been at home for the past week and a half. (For once, my business trip was planned just perfectly!) MRI results back this afternoon - fingers crossed it's not something very serious. There are house projects to do and it's not as fun when you're doing them on your own! 

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