Kitchen Renovation: Day Zero

It's finally here! Kitchen renovation officially starts this week (today or tomorrow, not really sure?!) but whenever the guys come over, we are ready for them to get started.

It was nice to have the extra day this weekend because it gave us plenty of time to get everything prepped and ready for reno. (Side note: why did I CLEAN so much before they just come to make a mess? It's all just going to get dirty, dusty and filthy, but at least we enjoyed a super clean house for one day.)

So here are the kitchen pictures from Day Zero. I am not sad to see you go, Mrs. Pink/Red Linoleum!

The fridge used to be between the door and the window/radiator.
That's been temporarily moved to the living room. 

Old drawers are currently being used for storage

Yikes - need to learn to "manage light" better in my photography.
PS - I learned to cook on that same stove back in the day. That's how old it is.

Door on the left leads to the dining room. That wall will be knocked out.

Better picture of full wall to be knocked out.

Door on the right: to dining room (and wall to be knocked out.)
Corner to become new pantry.

Don't worry though - we're saving those beautiful wood doors and the trim!

What a wreck.

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  1. Can't wait to the see the progress! And those kitchen doors are gorgeous - glad you're keeping them! Happy renovations :)