Another Anniversary at TAH

Yesterday, Mr. B and I realized it was exactly seven years to the day we met each other. It was a funny moment in the car when we both went..."hang on a minute...!" We're not at all the type of people who remember every little milestone and detail of our relationship, so the fact we even remembered was, frankly, an achievement in itself.

I'll save the story of Al's Bar for a rainy day, but I'm eternally grateful for Lindsey grabbing the table next to Rich, Mike and Adam while Marie and I were getting drinks. (PS: Lindsey just joined the blogging world. Yall must follow her - that's an order. Her love for words and all things literary means she's going to be the best blogger on the block. Welcome Lindsey! Love you!)

Last night we "celebrated" with a nice dinner out on the town. (Strangely, I would have much preferred a homemade celebration in a kitchen but what can a girl do...)

Mr. B will surely give me grief for putting these pictures up but they're so goofy I can't help it.

There are some potentially very exciting and scary opportunities on the horizion here at TAH. If you know me in RL, you know I am an anxious person by nature. The prospect of these developments is nearly driving me to insanity with worry, hope, fear, joy and everything in between. I can't get in to the details yet, but I'll keep you all updated as we know more.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday before the school-night blues kick in!

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