Kitchen Renovation Day 37

Last week was crazy folks. Mr. B and I seem to be like ships passing in the night. Aside from the daily phone calls to touch base, I don't think we had a "real" conversation until the weekend. Meanwhile, we have a kitchen renovation in full-swing and lots of blogger friends and family who need updates! (But honestly, if I hardly have enough time to talk with my husband, the blog sure isn't getting any attention either.)

So when we were both finally home on Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised to find the walls are up and painted. Not our paint color, but a plain white. It looks clean and pretty. I'm happy. 

(Please ignore the boxes! Those will soon be gone!)

And we finally made a decision on the granite too. I'm very much a "make a decision and stick with it" kind of girl. I have no trouble pulling the trigger and often times trust my gut instinct. This entire kitchen project could have been a complete disaster if both Mr. B and I got overwhelmed and distracted by ALL the choices. Between lights, cabinets (color, wood, style), floor, appliances, fixtures...I am sure I missed a bunch of stuff, but you get the headlines.

But the granite was freaking me out. Don't know why but I was stressing about this one. Hope you like too:

My photography skills always leave something to be desired, and granite is especially tricky for the camera. Long story short, it's a white/cream base with flecks of brown, gray, black, beige, etc. Neutral enough to blend in with everything but bold enough to make a statement. Or so I hope.

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  1. You're gonna need more granite than that