Kitchen Renovation Day 65

Happy Friday blogger friends! Are yall as happy as I am it's almost the weekend? We've got a pretty jam-packed weekend which includes dinner with friends, house projects and packing for our vacation next week. I've always been a to-do list girl and I'm in to-do list overdrive lately. We've got two weddings in two weeks plus a family vacation at the lake in between. Must. Be. Organized.

Thanks for all your kind comments from my last kitchen update post about the granite being installed. We are beyond thrilled with how it's turning out. The guys have been hard at work painting the walls and the windows and it's just starting to really come together. I love it.

It's already been so nice to have a functioning island and we're not even officially using the kitchen yet. I came in the house the other night (we always use the back door) and had my purse, laptop, several bags of groceries, etc. The island was calling my name and you know what happened. Everything got dumped there. Of course it was all put away in due time. It was nice just to have a place for things.

Hello pretty paint color

Like every room we've painted, I'm now obsessed with this paint color. As you can see on the far left, we had seven - count em - seven - paint samples we were working with. To be fair, several of these were up for consideration for the foyer. Oh, I can't keep a secret if I tried. The foyer and it's crazy lime green walls are halfway transformed. Those pics will come later. We're here for the kitchen.

This color is Valspar Smoked Oyster at 75%. It goes beautifully with the cabinets, the floor, the granite, everything. Not too dark. Not too light. I can only take partial credit for this color. Andrew and Alexa made the final decision and I am so glad they chose Smoked Oyster. (Folks - if you don't have a graphic designer in your life - you really should get one! Miss Alexa has an amazing eye.)

The columns are in and I'm really not sure about them. I hope they grow on me but I'm not really sure if they fit. Perhaps it's too early to tell.

But moving swiftly on, the Smoked Oyster color continues into the dining room, although it's difficult to see it here because it's dusk outside. (Lie. It's difficult to see because Mr. B has still not fixed the light fixture in the dining room. Oh well. Maybe someday we'll have light in there.)

I regret ever doubting I'd love the chocolate colored island with the wall cabinets. I love it. It's a great contrast with the countertops and gives the room some depth so it's not just a sea of cream colored cabinets. And there's going to be tonsssssss of extra storage in there.

The window sill has been raised and looks great from both the inside and the outside. And the sink looks great too. More on that later. You'll notice the backsplash underneath the cabinets is not painted because it's going to be tiled next week. Pretty, clean, white subway tile. Can't wait to see that.

The taps aren't in yet, but hopefully next week. I love how they've put the granite around the sink. There's a formal word for it - overlay perhaps? - but who cares. I like it!

And finally, the view from the sink looking in to the dark dining room. I promise I'll get better pictures of the paint color in there. Once there's a light fixture. Which reminds me....I think we were supposed to pick one out for them to install? Eeek. Suggestions friends? I'm at the end of my decision-making patience.

Hope yall have a great weekend!


  1. Love the kitchen! So gorgeous - y'all made great decisions!! Got your email, so excited, and will be replying very soon!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  2. oooh i really do love it!!!!

    and i think its that you have "an undermount sink" - is that the right phrase? lol

  3. Allison (Rader) GeggattAugust 19, 2011 at 6:06 PM

    I just ordered the Talia light from ballarddesigns.com (30 percent off this week!) And love it. Ordered the shades from another lamp website.

    Love the kitchen - I've been watching the progress! :)

  4. Amanda - AH HA! Undermount - that is definitely what it's called. I was not even close.

    Allison - I love the Talia. Will you share pics when it's all in with shades? Going to be adorable. Gotta love Ballard. Thanks for sharing!

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