College Educated

But can't follow directions.

The kitchen, friends, is getting a test drive this week. I owe you updates but I need to take better pictures (story of my life!)

For now, I'll leave you with this sneak peek of Chez Mr B hard at work on tonight's masterpiece: Stovetop Chicken courtesy of our besties at Southern Living.

The new stove/oven is a real treat - once you figure out how the heck to use the damn thing. We are college educated but apparently "following directions" from a manual is a little much to ask.

Ta ta for now. Me and my full belly are headed to sleepyland.

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  1. Oh man. I am the worst cook ever. I can take the simplest of recipes and find a way to mess them up. My only redeeming quality is that I can bake well! :)

    Your kitchen looks gorgeous by the way!!