Vacation/holiday Part II: The Lake - Amended

Oooooh, yall, Mr. B is cross with me!!

He finally got around to reading yesterday's post about our lake vacay tonight, and when he finished, he had nothing to say, which was rather odd as he's normally quite opinionated.

I tell a lie. First, he commented on the comments. "Tell Woodsy when I'm not sleeping on a plane I'm throwing turkey at random passengers." "Tell Lenzi you took golf in college as a BS class too. Is that a normal American girl thing or what?" "Tell Jenna she always has the nicest things to say about your posts. Go to her blog. I want to see it." You get the point.

And then, the kicker: "I can't believe you forgot."

My stomach dropped. What the haich did I forget? That was a pretty comprehensive post - thank you very much - and how dare you comment on my blogging because if you want something included then you darn well can blog yourself....you see where I'm going here.

And suddenly my high and mighty, defensive train of thought was brought to a complete stand still: "The TCU flag."

And, oh dear, I did forget.

I love my husband because he loves TCU as much as me, probably more, and he didn't even go there. (Shout out to University of Birmingham, UK, his alma mater. Love you too.)

Mr. B. takes Purple Fridays to heart. He represents everywhere and anywhere. He flies the flag on game day from our front porch. So it was only natural that when we traveled to the Lake and Colorado, he'd pack the flag with us, because he'd obviously find somewhere to fly it.

On Friday morning, the first gameday of the 2011 season - that would be the season following the 2010 season when, in case you forgot, we were ROSE BOWL CHAMPIONS - I awoke to this beautiful sight:

Reason bajillion and change why I love my man: He got up at the crack of dawn to change the flags so we would all be surprised when we woke up. (Or, when I woke up. Cause that was late. I told you it was vacation.)

He caught the wind at the perfect time to get the flag in its glory, then posted it on facebook tagging every friend - and foe - who would appreciate this sight.

Nevermind that we lost that night. A heartbreaking loss indeed. We were loud and proud up there in the middle of nowhere Minnesota cause that's what Horned Frogs do.

So, yall, do me a favor pretty please? Tell Mr. B how much you loveeeeee his flag a'flyin. He loves the comments and he'll love hearing from you since I.....forgot.....


  1. Love the flag. What a wonderful thing to wake up to. Points for Mr. B!

  2. As much as I would like to compliment Mr. B you know I can't. I've tried, honestly I have, however a swear some how always makes it's way in there. And I can't give him props for getting up early, he doesn't sleep (apart open mouthed on a plane) remember :0)

    Oh, and don't forget that Turkey incident won me 2 slabs of beer. FOOD FIGHT!!


  3. Kate, I stumbled upon your blog...and this is just too cute that your hubby did this. I'm glad he loves the frogs as much as you do! Go frogs!!