Eventual Disclosure: Part II

So you're probably wondering why the long story about Eventual Disclosure and what's it got to do with rugs?

Mr. B. hasn't been around much of late. Call it life, or whatever you want, but I've been enjoying the house to myself. And you know darn well that means I've been getting some house decorating done. Specifically, I've been on the hunt for some rugs for the guest room and office since, well, the day we moved in.

The thing about rugs is I always seem to be attracted to the super-expensive ones. (But really, that's nothing new.) While I'd love to have some beautiful, plush, persian beauty - the reality is I'd be lucky to have a door mat greeting my toes on the side of the bed every morning.

I indulged in a little retail therapy this week to try to cheer up my spirits from the past weekend. I won't get in to the details but it involved lots of work (like, my job work), a trip to the ER, lots of crappy house chores and other generally miserable things. I was feeling sorry for myself. Can you blame me?

Hello Marshalls to the rescue! My endless, aimless wandering finally paid off because I found some pretty cute rugs for the guest room and office room at an affordable price. (3 rugs: one 5x7 and two 3x5 for $175)

Since we went with a pretty neutral paint color for the office, I thought I could go a little wild with color and just had to have this cute little thing:

Whoa statement piece. Sometimes I need to learn to step out of my comfort zone. I'm not normally a pattern or floral person, but thank you to whomever/whatever possessed me to take a risk with that one.

And the boldness continued with these two for the guest room:

Now you're probably wondering why I chose flowers and reds for the guest room since there's lots of greens and blues. That's because - many months ago - I found these accent pillows to spice up the all-white duvet cover and sheets.

So, back to Eventual Disclosure: I attempted the tried and tested technique with the pillows, but it was just a dead giveaway. I'd like to think my husband is blind to details, but I'd be seriously shortchanging him if I said he missed those. He picked them up immediately. Lucky for me they were only $10 each.

As for the rugs? Well, he's still out of town so he hasn't seen them. Again, I'd like to think he might glance over them, but they're pretty easy to spot. I'd be underestimating him to think he wouldn't notice. And duhhhhh, he reads the blog, so I just definitely gave it away. All for you blog friends.

Lesson learned: you need to adapt Eventual Disclosure to your man and the purchase. China and other small items are easy to sneak in to the home. Clearly, rugs are not. Deliver your "I've had these for a while" without blinking a perfectly curled and mascara-ed eyelash. You can thank me and Mama. H. later.


  1. LOVE the first rug, could totally see it absorbing the sun from my bedroom window! Can u send me a link? Will contact them to see if there are stockist in Oz, it's lifted me, super cute!

  2. love the rug & pillows! and SUCH a cute blog, btw! :)

  3. I love the rugs, Kate! I also love your blog :) I've been on the hunt for rugs too since we got a new kitchen table and finally found one on One Kings Lane and Joss & Main. Have you signed up for them? Definately check them out. Great savings on really beautiful decor!

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