First giveaway!!

It's time! The day is finally here!

Thanks to Lenzi over at Homemade Happiness, I'm really excited to announce a new "first" here at The Anniversary Home.... a giveaway! Who doesn't love free stuff?

If yall follow Lenzi, and I know you do, you'll know she has a budding little business called Reba's Wreaths on Etsy. What? You haven't checked it out yet? Shame on you.

I'm in full-swing fall mode these days, so when I went to pull out my fall wreath from last year, I decided it was time for an update. What's a girl to do when she needs a new wreath? And don't you even say "Make a trip to Hobs Lobs or Michael's". That's sooooo generic. And the hubs/boyfriend/bank manager won't like you spending your hard earned dollars on something you can get for freeeeeeee...

Lenzi was kind enough to make a special wreath for The Anniversary Home. One-of-a-kind!

Actually, two. One for you and one for me.

Ooooooh, you like? Cause I'm obsessed. And think, we can have matching wreaths!

So, here's how it works:

There's two ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment here. Say what you feel like. You love/hate this blog. You think Lenzi's an all-star. You really need this wreath. Go Frogs. Whatever you want, just comment and be nice.

2. Give Lenzi and me a shout out on your blog encouraging others to enter this giveaway. This blogging world is pretty amazing and I promise if you show us some love, we'll reciprocate and show you some love too. (Just drop me a note so I know!)

I'll make this pretty easy too. I'll ship this pretty lil' thing anywhere in the world. What what? Rewind, you read that correctly. Anywhere in the world. You live in the outback down under? No problem. (Hi Julie!) We're crossing borders and going international here.

Make sure to get your entries in by Thursday, October 13th at midnight EST. That's a whole week yall. Get going!

Happy Friday and Happy Fall!

Lots of love,
The Anniversary Home and Homemade Happiness


  1. yaya! a giveaway! love the wreath! hope i get to be your wreath twin. and yes, go frogs!

  2. You are so awesome to post this giveaway! Lenzi is one of my good friends and I've been dying to buy one of her wreaths (but I've been holding off until Christmas), so I would LOVE to win this Fall wreath!! Keep up the fabulous blogging - you're great!
    - Victoria


  4. Mrs. B, your blog has given me so much creative inspiration! You are a true blogging entrepreneur and an out-of-the-box innovator!

  5. Lenzi's wreaths are AMAZING just like she is! I need this wreath hanging on my front door so I can make all the neighbors and passerbyers jealous.

  6. Katie, LOVE your blog (esp your new kitchen!!) Would love to win the fall wreath. I'm in full fledge fall mode even though its still hot here in Texas! :)

  7. Mrs. B, this blog brings a smile to my face whenever I read it. In fact, I check your blog BEFORE I go to People.com. And you know me - this is definitely saying something. I have not been following Lenzi, but I will totally start following now! She is so talented - I love it! Good luck with your first giveaway:)
    P.S. Have I mentioned I have had a really bad week and a pressie would totally cheer me up? HA HA!

  8. LOVE the wreath and LOVE the frogs!! rif ram bah zoo! :)

  9. My front door needs that wreath. And I love your blog.
    Are relatives eligible to win your give-away?
    Love, Mom

  10. I just ready the eventual disclosure post and thought it was brilliant. I may have to work on my delivery though :) I also love that you are doing a giveaway, and for something so lovely. Hope it finds a home here!

  11. I've been obsessed with Wreaths ever since my first TX Xmas (love u), not to mention the one I wore on my head in London because it totally looked better on me than on a door. No one in Oz does wreaths (let alone Fall) so I cld help spread the love world wide.

    The pics are stunning, Lenzi has done an amazing job & has captured Spring (that's what we call it down under) to a T! Smores for all I say!

    Great work ladies, fun & exciting, keep up the great work!

  12. Go Frogs!!! Okay, Fall is my absolute favorite season and I wait 9 months every year for it to happen.... It's been a long 9 months! Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous wreath! Awesomeness!

  13. I LOVE Reba's Wreaths! I hope I win one! I posted about your blog and giveaway on my blog yesterday. I am also doing a hair product giveaway. Check it out! http://ciao-beautiful.com/2011/10/11/blondes-vs-brunettes-the-winner-gets-product/

  14. oh my....I love contests...lovely blog...just getting more and more interesting -- especially outing your mom...now that was way great.

  15. Your mom told me about your blog and I absolutely love reading about your renovation and you have such a way with words. Good job. And, fall is my favorite season and if you saw my very tired fall wreath you would agree I need it. The wreath is beautiful. You can tell its custom. Send it to a Texas home!

  16. Oh my, I adore this wreath, thanks so much for the chance to win!