The thing I don't like about Fall

As I was rushing out the house this morning - and I do mean rushing - I caught a glimpse of this awful sight from the front door.

Yes, the colors of the leaves are beautiful. Fall is here.

But my weekend plans just drastically altered for the worse. There is nothing fun about raking leaves. And the worst part? As soon as you get them all cleared up, they magically reappear. Homeownership. Argh. So much for my day at the mall looking for cute new brown boots...

PS: Only a few hours left until the giveaway ends. Get your comments in now to win the TAH wreath!


  1. Amen! I also hate raking leaves because it'll be cold outside, so I'll bundle up, but then I get so hot and sweaty after I'm done raking! I'm a mess.

  2. Oh, you need a yard rack that attaches to your mower or ATV. We got one and leaves on our two acres are gone in a flash!

  3. Lots of leaves, but the photo is very nice!

  4. I hear ya on this! We haven't had the onslaught of falling leaves yet as things are still pretty warm here in the Carolinas, but I've got my rake & gloves ready. Home ownership ... *sigh* Gotta love it.