Tweets from last weekend

Me again.

I don't have much house stuff to write about this week, well, cause, it's been a slow week.

Next week, though, wow. Monday will be life-changing. Literally. You better come back.

While my weekend wasn't necessarily filled with home improvement, there were some house related projects I was working on. And for some reason, Sunday was just an all-out tweet-a-thon for me. I was also feeling extra sassy so sorry in advance if these offend you. Actually. Scratch that. These are funny and too bad if you're offended.

So in case you're ever wondering what it's like in the day of Mrs. B, here's a snapshot:

@Me: Whose ridiculous idea was it to test the emergency sirens at 8am on Sunday the weekend the clocks go back? #iwanttosleep #badidea

@Me: Ok random lady at the grocery, you caught me. I WAS judging what's in your cart. Cause its wrong to feed your kids that crap. #freshisbetter

@Me: What did I do to deserve this punishment? #rakingleavesismymortalenemy (pic below)

@Me: Everyone in this town sucks at driving. Except for me bc I'm from #texas where we're basically awesome at everything. Especially driving.

@Me: According to retail America, during Nov. you are not allowed to decorate with ANYTHING other than turkeys and leaves. For the love.

@Me: First sign you're at Walmart? This person needs a life. Or at least a new hobby. (pic below)

@Me: Because hanging pictures on the wall in the foyer after two (generous) glasses of wine is a good idea. #sundaynightswithmrsb
There you have it. That was my Sunday. Through tweets.
Like I said, check back Monday friends. Big news.
You know I'm desperate when you hear the following out of my mouth: "Dangit where's a Walmart when you need one!"


  1. Okay, that's it - I want to follow you and these funny tweets! What's your twitter name? I am @alizadventures.

  2. bahaha you were on a roll on Sunday! And this "big announcement" on Monday better not be a tease...you know it's not easy keeping this secret from all the inquisitive bloggers out there...you've put quite the burden on me ;)

  3. So funny! I think the same thing everytime I see some overweight person load up with soda and chips and processed microwavable foods. Seriously? It's called "fresh" vegetables and fruit!!!