Union Jack - the obsession continues

Okay, this is my last blog about this for the time being, but I have more adorable Union Jack things to share. I blame all of you for continuing to sending me all these adorable finds. (Is it okay to "blame" your readers for responding and interacting with your content? One would think that would be a good thing. I really should say "thank".)

Check out these these awesome before and after dressers. I think they took the Union Jack to the extreme:

Before: The bones are there with this one. This *could be* a beautiful dresser.

After: Okay, this *is* a beautiful dresser.
The handles, the little bits of distressing, the execution, is, well, unbelievable.
Who would have thought this could come from that?

Before: Just your normal ugg-lay, outdated dresser.
Someone has vision and can see past the imperfections!

After: Hello Austin Powers! This is borderline ridiculous but also awesome.
 I just want to know how they got the lines so straight and even?!

Do you think I'm brave, or insane, enough to try this on that gem we hauled away from our neighbors trash?

This move hasn't even happened yet and it's already starting to cramp my DIY plans.

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  1. Do it! But more like the rustic version (first example).