Union Jack Rug

Ummmm, how presh is this rug? Thanks to Whitney for finding...

We're kinda getting out of control with all kinds of English-inspired home decor - throw pillows, posters, mugs etc. Proof? I just walked around the house for 3.2 minutes and snapped the following pics with the iPhone This gives you an idea of what's kicking around here:

1. Mini sofa with throw pillows - my favorite one on the left says Where there is tea, there is hope
2. Random tea mug in the office for pens and pencils
3. We received a package TODAY (I don't joke) with English candies and a Union Jack to fly
4. My groceries tote

Plus, I left out a couple other pictures cause I'm too lazy to make another collage. But you get the point.

I'm starting to think the office needs a mini-makeover to an all out shrine to jolly ol' England and this rug would seriously be the amazing highlight. (But of course, I just bought a rug for the office. Arg.) Or maybe this English obsession just needs to stop?

And the focal point of the English shrine office would of course be Queen Liz....

From our wedding

From Whit's wedding
Don't you worry, she also was featured at the reception. I just don't have photos yet!

She goes everywhere with Whitney and I - except I don't think I have any pictures the night she was created....? That's another story for another day but think 21st birthday and Billy Bob's (The World's Largest Honky Tonk in FW, TX? Yes, the Queen has been there. She had her own seat at the bar. Like I said, I'm not sure if that night was documented in photos. Probably for the best.)

All of this randomness from one picture of a Union Jack rug. I need to get a life.


  1. I am IN LOVE with that mini couch! That would go perfect in a nursery. ;)

  2. You should hide that Cadbury chocolate quick, before Mr.B. finds it!!

  3. I just finished catching up on my fav blogs and read your post, thinking about how I do love the Union Jack trend that is going on. Next thing I know I open my mail and find the holiday Traditional Home with this little gem featured http://www.jonathanadler.com/Zebra-British-Flag-Rug

    I know it says zebra, but I thought cowhide, naturally. Southern charm meets British optimism? I think so!



    also, I do have a newish blog www.thesimplyfabulous.blogspot.com please do come visit!

  4. I love all of your cute British stuff! I love nature and travel "flair" and I always worry I'm going overboard; but if it reflects your personality, I say go for it! At least that's what I tell myself. :)

  5. I love this Queen Liz picture thing!! haha

  6. Love that Lizzie made another blog post! Where will she show up next? Hopefully its on a beach with margs? We should arrange that, stat. :)