Puppy Countdown

Remember how I told you Mr. B. got me a puppy for Christmas? (Yes, with tons of strings attached!)

Well, I've made it through one whole month of the puppy countdown.

January: you and your 31 days were a killer. But I'm through with you and off to countdown February. (And of course, there's 29 days this year instead of 28. Just my luck.)

Only two more months till I find you and love you forever lil' pup-pup! Just you wait..

But seriously, I probably need to start this puppy-search at some point but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at where/how to begin. How did your little four legged friend (cat or dog!) come in to your life?


  1. We talked about what breeds we liked and what we wanted in a dog and then took some "What's the Right Dog Breed For You" quizes. Then I went on a breeder search which is a whole nother subject :-)

  2. We are about to get dog #2 at the end of the month. Very exciting but also a teensy crazy. I've gotten dogs from both breeders and from the Humane Society. All of our dogs have been wonderful, but it is a completely different process depending on which route you choose. Do lots of internet research. Once you narrow it down start contacting breeders, now is not too early! Many breeders, especially the good ones, have waiting lists and pair the puppy with the family depending on their needs. And if you want a pound baby, and have the willpower not to take one home every time you go, consider volunteering at the local Humane Society. Those little fur balls just need a little LOVE!