Day 5: Smile

Here's the smiley face I drew on my desk in class tonight. Shock, horror, I know y'all. I'm a no-good vandal but I did it in the name of the photo-a-day challenge. Hopefully it will bring some cheer to the next poor soul who has to sit here tomorrow!

And don't worry, it's only pencil, which means my catholic guilt will set in as soon as I post this. I'll scrub it off before the end of the night I'm sure.

My days (really, nights) in these classrooms are numbered because I only have a few (okay, several) more weeks of classes before graduation. That is serious cause for celebration and lots of smiles!

1 comment:

  1. It's like your back in elementary school! I used to get in trouble for all my creativeness spilling onto my desk. Bizzy I think we need to do a post it count down for our last weeks of grad school...Can we do this virtually?