After the experts!

Well, installation day has come and gone and I'm so happy to report that I love the final product! You'll remember from last post that I was having major white girl problems about spending so much time (like all day every day) in our home when it wasn't decorated and missing essential pieces of furniture!
There are a few pieces of furniture, however, that didn't arrive in time for my party tonight - boo hoo. And, of course, they are the pieces that I'm most excited about. Lucky for me, Kathie, our designer, loaned us some holder pieces for the party and they are just as fabulous as the stuff we ordered. No one will be able to tell!
Since it's not truly, truly, truly finished, I'm going to hold off on posting all of the "after" pictures until next week. But I'm not so mean that I'd keep yall waiting for at least a sneak peak, so here you go!