JBF Bargains

So last post I mentioned that Mr. B, Little Junior and I hit up our local JBF sale a few weekends ago. Thank goodness I have helped sell our Theta Garage Sale stuff at a previous JBF sales so I knew the ins and outs / tips to getting all the really good deals and items because otherwise that place can be a little overwhelming.

I'd been looking forward to this sale for a while because the last one I went to was when I was pregnant, and obviously I didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, which made stocking up for Le Bebe a little more challenging when half the arena is pink and the other half blue. I'd previously stocked up on a bunch of essentials, so this time I wanted to get some clothes, toys and a few other items I thought we'd need for the next 6 months.

One of my favorite finds was the brand new with tags Graco Johnny Jumper. My girlfriend Beth had let me try out her new jumper to see if Little Junior would even like it, which of course he did, so I was pretty happy to find this one in perfect condition for half the price of Amazon.

Little Man done jumped himself to sleep. And who even knows where that other sock is.
I did a number on every and any precious little summer smocked outfit I could find in his size. Here's a sample of what I found. Most of these were brand new with tags too. I'll take a Vive Le Fete outfit for $2 ANY day.
He'll hate me for this one day and I don't even care. And they're all wrinkly because I'd forgotten to take them out of the dryer right away. Thankful for that rapid steam feature!
And, my favorite, by a landslide, was the little man seersucker suit I found:
Again, wrinkly because I forgot about it in the dryer.

Mr. B has a matching suit that he'll wear this summer for parties and wedding so I am embarassingly excited about Little Junior dressing up just like this dad. It's going to be so stinkin cute yall.
I also found a few cute accessories that I'll probably learn to curse at some point, but for now, while I'm still in the honeymoon of dressing a mini-man, they're just too cute to pass up.
Because what baby doesn't need a fedora, RL striped belt and mini new balances? Seriously.
This is about a 1/3 of what we got - the rest was PJ's and cotton play outfits, 11oz Avent bottles (impossible to find!!) socks, shoes, toys, books, and a set of kiddie dishes. (With pictures and accompanying French words. Nothing says family dinner like a French lesson! Oui oui!)
Who doesn't love a shopping-savvy southern mama?!


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  1. umm adorable finds! There are few things that thrill me more than a bargain! And that baby seersucker, get out. Can't wait to see the little man rock his new wardrobe :)