Master, guest and office sneak peak

If the colors downstairs haven't been shocking enough yet, just wait till you see the carpet upstairs.  I wasn't a fan of lavender walls and green/blue floral carpet but I guess it's growing on me.  In actuality, I have no choice!

Right now, the upstairs "situation" falls low on the priority list.  Working kitchen > visually pleasing bedroom. 

There are a total of five bedrooms in the house, three of which you'll see here.  There are two in the attic which can count as bedrooms but need heating connected before we'd subject anyone to a winter up there....

They are all pretty big, especially the Master.  The floors underneath the carpet in the Master, as well as in the other two rooms, will need some TLC, but that's, again, further down the list. 

Master. Shape mirrors the living room.
Love the bay window - hard to see here but it lets in lots of light!

Oh hey, surprise.  Radiators again!

I wasn't kidding about the lavender walls with the carpet.
And those nasty curtains have since been discarded.  Ew.

Looking toward the hallway.  Green foyer walls with green carpet!

Upstairs hallway looking from the master.
Green walls and green carpet...

 Guest bedroom 1
The problem underneath the window has been somewhat fixed since this photo.

Other view of the guest bedroom.  The closet is surprisingly large.

Bedroom 3.
Short term use: office
Long term use: Master bedroom closet and walk-in bathroom.  ooooooohhh.

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  1. What were the old owners thinking???? Some rooms haven't been touched since the 1800's I think and then with the bold colours downstairs you can see they tried to go all modern but forgot a few rooms.

    I vote in keeping with the area's history and values you keep the carpet and make "vintage" bags, cushions, door mats etc. and sell them as old John whats-his-make (Walton was it?) originals. That will quickly pay for some of the works needed on your place :0)