Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room sneak peek

Today's tour will round out the rest of the first floor.

I must give full disclaimer on the kitchen.....it's awful.  Plain and simple.  It probably hasn't been renovated since the mid-70's when the last major work was done on the house.  I am adventurous and have some "vision" but this was even pushing it a little far for me. We still have yet to cook a meal, or even unpack, this room.  The good news is the architects are on the case. 

The living room and dining room will be beautiful once painted.  The ceilings are tall and both rooms are large and spacious, which is unique for a Victorian. 


Living Room looking into the foyer.
The color? Not so much.

Amazing radiators.

From the foyer looking in.
The pocket doors are in this door frame - I owe you a pic!

Never said I was an excellent photographer.
I guess I was trying to capture the ceiling height?

Dining Room.
And don't even get me started on why there is a FULL bathroom right off the dining room.

This door leads to the kitchen.
Why is the light switch so darn high? I have to raise my arm in the air to reach it!

I told you it was bad.
Please ignore the inspectors bag!
But seriously.  This is bad.

At least its a large room!

3 cabinets.  That's it.

The back door to the porch.
This is really the entrance we use most often.

Side view with doors to dining room and foyer on the left.

More to come tomorrow!  


  1. yay!! i love it <3 it has so much potential.

  2. haha the bathroom off the dining room, gold!!

    You write so well Ags, I can hear your enthusiasm and and your tiredness all at the same time.

    Your house is amazing and I just can't wait to see how you make it 'Boschi' through and through.