What do Gloria Gaynor and Mr. & Mrs. B have in common?

I will survive!  As in, we “survived” our first week in the Anniversary Home…

We spent our first weekend turning an unorganized mess into, well, an organized mess.  Unpacking is not the same when there’s hardly any furniture to store things.  Brightside?  A completely fresh slate to decorate and furnish.  The yard hadn’t seen a lawnmower or rake in years it seemed.  Brightside?  Exercise and fresh air on a sunny autumn afternoon.  Mr. B found my attempts to put the leaves in the big black trash bag highly entertaining.  Mrs B.?  Not so much.  Overall, we made progress.  It may not seem like much to the neighbors or the outside world, but it was a lot to us.    

That’s not to say there weren’t a few curveballs.  One leaking toilet upstairs (Oh. So that’s why the ceiling in the dining room looks funny) and one toilet overflowing downstairs means an emergency call to our plumber on Monday morning at 8am.  Luckily he lives a few doors down and has been working on our house for a long time. 

And we’re not wasting anytime with the repairs and renovations.  The roofing quote is approved and we’re just waiting for a start date.  We just need to pick a roof “color”.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Silly, ignorant me for thinking they were mostly all the same.  Now when I drive to work, I can’t help but notice the many, many different shades of roofing. 

We had our first visit with a prospective architect and designer on Monday morning.  Overall, we liked them and felt comfortable with them.  They seemed to understand the character of the house, our immediate and long-term needs, most importantly, our vision.  Bonus points for immediately recognizing our eclectic style too.  I guess the old fashioned Tiffany lamp next to the modern striped Crate and Barrel loveseat gave it away. 

A busy weekend ahead means we won’t make as much progress with the next set of priorities on the to-do list.  But hey, what’s the rush?

Promise pictures ASAP too. 

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