Bye Bye Red Robin - Part II

I wouldn't dare think of making yall wait too long for the Bye Bye Red Robin - Part II pics!

In case some of you didn't catch the comments on the previous post, the paint color is Woodlawn Colonial Gray at 75% by Valspar, from their line for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Highly recommend.

The entire wall connecting to the dining room.
Again, needing Mr. B to finish the ceiling!

Surprisingly, this room gets limited daylight, so I was glad we caught these pictures at a good time.

Table, lamp, paint - go! This side of the room starts to get tricky,
especially around the windows on the left.

This is where Mr. Shur Line really came in handy.
I was not about to tape all these windows...

Last wall to finish!

And Mr. B's very valuable contribution - the ceiling!
Lucky for him Mama H. helped with this project but he'll get his painting stripes next time.


  1. this is the first time i'm seeing it finished. it looks great! love the color.

  2. Thanks Col! Have plenty more rooms to paint so plenty more colors to choose...