Monday Makeover

We're all about makeovers here at The Anniversary Home.

So, if you haven't noticed - and I don't know how you could miss it - The Anniversary Home blog got a pretty sweet makeover recently. I'm biased, but I'm loving the new header and the pretty blues and purples. I hope you like it too?

All the thanks and credit goes to Jess over at Diamond Doll Designs. Didn't she do an incredible job? I think you should check out her etsy shop and have her makeover your blog too. Or maybe some custom stationery and invitations. Or artwork. She's got it all.

Jess is a sorority sister who always has a special eye for the fantastic and fabulous. She's got a pretty amazing blog over at My Beatles Babies where I highly suggest you spend some quality time. (Her little munchkins are probably the cutest things ever.) Jess is about to start a big home construction project in the new year too, so if you're really into home restoration and decorating, the two of us have you covered.

Thanks again Jess!


  1. Thanks, Kate! I had a blast with this makeover... I think its just about perfect! Excited to see you're place restored! I can just see all the potential! Good Luck!

  2. Very nice Jessica! How do you do it? Is it a program? I really have no clue..