Halloween & The Frogs

Happy Veteran's Day!

If you're wondering why there haven't been any posts lately, well, I'm afraid it's because there's not much to report. Unless, you care about the new well tank, the endless quest to fix the toilet pipes and deciding a new color for the roof? As much as I'd like to say we've done some great decorating or found new furniture, it's just not the case.

Life lately has been hectic as we've been working late / traveling on the weekends / catching up on sleep. We've managed to stay on top of the urgent items: Well tank, check. Overflowing toilets, hopefully fixed for now. New roof, errrr, working on it. Who knew there were so many different colors for a roof?

Halloween was quite the treat for us. (Get it? Treat! As in trick-or-treat!!) From day one when we moved in, our neighbors had been telling us to stock up on candy and get ready for a Halloween like no other. At first, we didn't really take them seriously. Candy for 150+ kids? But it became apparent when every neighbor was telling us the same story that we should probably take this seriously.

Go Frogs!

Since we're in a rural area, the local families all bring their kids to our town to run up and down Main Street. And when I say come into town, I mean they haul them in on the back of tractors. It's really cute. The houses along the road put luminaries in the middle of the road and everyone decorates their porches. We sat out on the porch in our rocking chairs with our pumpkin, scary lighting (okay, just an orange bulb!), scary music, and gave out...wait for it...full size candy bars! I was convinced these poor kids were probably scared of the house so we needed to bribe them. And bribe them we did.

And I know I promised this blog would be primarily about the house, I can't resist the urge to talk about our trip to Utah last weekend. Yes, Salt Lake City, for the weekend.

The #3 Frogs played the #5 Utes, and Mr. and Mrs. B made the traveling team, along with Junior, who gets all the credit for the pictures to follow. The game was a beat down on the Utes. Final score? TCU 47, Utah 7. It may have been one of the best sporting events of my life. It was great to catch up with friends old and new and spend some time in the mountains. Here's to our next big road trip...hopefully a BCS bowl again!

Pre-game tailgating with Junior.

One of Junior's friends: "Wow, you're like the same person."

We were hugely outnumbered...

It's highly likely we scored a touchdown on this exact play.
It was just that kind of game.

White Out - free tshirts from the Alumni Tailgate to counter Utah's Black Out.
Can you tell they only had size larges?  I'm practically drowning in cotton.

The visitors section: cheering for a win.

Yes, that says Utah 7 - TCU 47.

Check back ASAP for real house updates: The architects visited this morning. I can hardly contain my excitement!

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  1. Gorgeous mountains, no better to commence a walloping, and away.

    GO FROGS!!