Phase II

So I guess I told a tiny white lie in the last post.  There has been progress with the house!

We're signed, sealed and delivered with our architects to begin the plans for the new kitchen, mudroom, bathroom and whatever else we decide to throw in there.

Phase II was recommended to us by our inspector, Steve, and we hit it off immediately with Peg and Jay.  Why I especially like them?  They do everyday, real-life projects for normal people.  Some of the people we talked to and researched seemed to only be designing ultra-modern, urban, pie-in-the-sky projects.  I love Frank Gehry and all, but not for this project.  Peg and Jay immediately recognized the character of the house and respected our decision to mix some old with new.

This past weekend Mr. B and I filled out our "Conceptual Checklist" for the kitchen.  Think three pages (in 10 point font!) of everything and anything you could every possibly dream of for your kitchen.  We made notes of what was important to us, what we didn't care for, what we absolutely required and what we would love to have if the stars aligned.

I won't bore you with the obvious requirements: breakfast bar, special lighting, lots of storage and counter top space.  In terms of what we won't be including?  I might as well break it to you now:  There will be no dumbwaiter, cappuccino bar, wood burning pizza oven or ice cream machine. 

Gasp.  I understand if you don't really feel like reading our blog from here on out.  I was hoping for the wood burning pizza oven too. 

Peg and Liz visited this morning to review the checklist with us, talk through our ideas and take measurements/surveys to get the first plans in motion.  They should have something to us at the beginning of December.  I can't wait to see what they come back with.  In the meantime, our assignment is to visit some kitchen appliance showrooms. 

Does anyone have any tips for us?
When I remodeled my kitchen I wish I had thought of xxxx?
When you have kids you absolutely need xxxx in your kitchen...
I saw a kitchen once with xxxx and thought it was a super cool idea.....


  1. I just found your blog from Jessica. I love this!!! I would love to redo a home but the actual thought of doing it seems too scary. I cant wait to see what you do. My parents re-did their home, and I would say one thing I love that she did is she has a gas top stove with very large deep drawers below to store her pots and pans in also she has a pull out spice rack that just looks decorative. People always comment on that.. so I thought I would share. I also think that the fancy micro-oven things are cool. They have a name but I cant think of it now. Its a microwave, but you can cook things super fast that are supposed to go in the oven too. You might already know what I am talking about. I would say for kids (just the one year old for me now) I have a space for his toys in a one cabinet. I wish I had soft close drawers. I could go on.. but I will stop.

  2. Crystal! This project is scary. My hubby had to do a lot of sweet talkin to get me to agree to this monster. (Side note, at one point, this blog was going to be called the Big Green Monster..) I your ideas for the kitchen, especially the slow close drawers. Great idea. We are heading out to the Appliance Store this weekend or next and I am going to look in to these micro-ovens... Keep you updated, and keep the ideas coming!!