Before and After: Painting the Guest Bedroom

My favorite thing about visiting other home renovation and decoration blogs is looking at the before and after photos. You'll remember a few weeks ago I posted our plans for the "Big Bad Back Bedroom Project". While this room is far from complete, you can get an idea of the progress we're making by looking at the before and after photos from the painting. It's like a whole new room.
Sky blue

Bay Laurel, Restoration Hardware
And sorry for the mess in some of the pictures - the room is still a worksite!

Mr. B and his cup of tea

Like I said - it's a work in progress. Focus on the color!

This house has CRAZY light switch and electrical outlet covers. We moved this one from the bathroom to this room. It matches the radiator in the background and will soon match the old grate (below). It also coordinates with the bed frame we have for this room!.  And, how about a high five for my especially artsy shot? I'm a point and shoot girl - this is progress!

The plan is to strip off the old blue to get it back to the original metal - no idea what it is, but it matches the radiators.

Don't get me wrong this project is far from finished. But it's amazing how a couple coats of paint can transform a room - and boost morale!  The ceiling has a brand new coat of sparkly white too, but that doesn't photograph so well. (Nor do you really care about that.)



  1. Looks great so far! I, like you, LOVE a good before and after! Keep 'em coming!

  2. ack!! it looks great! i love seeing the before/afters!! :)

  3. Love the color from the paint chip. It looks very soothing in the photos. I'll sleep well in that room. Anxious to see what you do with the windows. Tell Mr. B. to hop to it!! Mama H

  4. Love the color! Can I hire the 2 of you to paint my "new" house?!

  5. LOVE the light switch, very vintage. Makes me wonder what old school doorknobs you have?