Hello 2011!

Hello friends and Happy New Year!

I suppose I could do the obligatory apology for the lack of blog posts over the past few weeks, but, as much as I love you all, I'm not going to.  We've been travelling (see below) and as such, there's been little - actually no - progress with the house to update.  And I'm okay with that.  The Anniversary Home and I needed a little break from each other before we really get rolling in 2011.

We spent Christmas in England and had a NIGHTMARE with travel.  I won't bore you with details, but let's just say we spent three unexpected, and slightly sour, days at a "hotel" outside of Shannon, Ireland due to Heathrow Airport's complete inability to prepare themselves for forecasted snow. And by ho-tel, I really mean mo-tel. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful that BA took care of us with a bed and meals, but we missed our time catching up with friends in London.  Travel aside, it was wonderful to spend Christmas with family and friends and I am so grateful we were able to spend time with them.  Thank you for hosting us!

And if you think we got back without a hitch, think again.  JFK snow meant we spent an extra day in England and had to fly to Philly instead of JFK, where our car was. Again, logistical nightmare but as usual, Mr. B's English Optimism sorted it all out!  After landing, with an eight hour turn around, we were in the car at 2:30am to catch our 6:30am flight to Los Angeles.  Promise we don't normally torture ourselves like this. 

New Years was spent in LA at the Rose Bowl.  Yours truly here spent majority of the trip in bed with the flu - it was really bad - but magically I rebounded on New Year's Day in time to catch the party bus and celebrate the huge win with a beer, or five, but I lost count.  In the words of Head Coach Gary Patterson, "We just won the Rose Bowl".

But I'm no fool and it's back to reality.  The Anniversary Home has a long list of projects that need to be finished ASAP and we're on the case.  You'll remember that little thing we have going with the kitchen?  Yes, that's still all systems go still and we're looking forward to getting an update from the architects within the next week or two.  And in addition to that, I've decided we're going to tackle the guest bedroom #1 in the next few weeks.  We'll spend the weekend figuring out what needs to get done in order to make that happen. 

In the meantime, please let me enjoy this win a little longer...

Yes, I feel as bad as I look. 

Not sure why I'm on a car - but clearly it seemed funny at the time.
I just wanted to point out the adorable boots, if I may say so myself!
Bob Schieffer likes them, and that's good enough for me!

Go Frogs! 

You're not really at the Rose Bowl until you take this shot.

"We just won the Rose Bowl."