Snow Day!

There's really nothing better than a snow day.  Especially mid-week!  It got pretty nasty last night when we were driving back from dinner.  It was worth the hassle to have some leftover pizza in the house today though. 

The driveway is shoveled - all 100 feet or so of it - and I have the blisters to prove it.  I'm such a wimp.  We normally have someone plow for us, but he's out of town this time. Remind me to get a backup plower for when the real plower is out of town.  Mr. B makes everything a competition.  "I've shoveled sooooo much more than you have."  Well darn right you have, and you should.  Last time I checked, you're the husband and I was the one at the chiro two nights ago for a busted back.   

I'm feeling just a little guilty I didn't prepare more in advance so I could blitz a few house projects today with my newly found freedom and newly reclaimed personal time.  I'll get the carpet pulled out of the closet in the big bad back bedroom this afternoon.  I'll finally face that mountain of paperwork that piled up while we were gone for three weeks.  I'll send some overdue emails and wander around some websites wishing I had as beautiful of a home as everyone who shops at Restoration Hardware does. 

For once, I'm going to not let my to-do list decide whether today was a productive day or not and just be happy the sun in shining and the weekend is just around the corner.  If you're lucky, I'll take some pretty snow pics and share!

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