Cross one thing off the list, add two more

So this weekend we purchased a new washer and dryer.  The ones that came with the house are old and gross.  No, seriously, old and gross.  Like rusted.  I haven't even touched them since we moved in.  We've managed with a surprisingly really nice laundromat near us... but that's even pushing it for me.

We did our research, took advantage of a pretty sweet deal that Lowe's was offering (20% off!) and bought ourselves this pretty little thing:

It has a matching dryer too but I can't find a picture of it. Use your imaginations - it looks exactly like this bad boy.  It's a Maytag - does it really matter though? - and I think my favorite feature will be the "steam" dryer.  You just throw in the stuff you would normally iron, and voila, it comes out all pretty and ready to wear. 

When we were checking out the guy asked us if we were definitely sure the existing washer and dryer were plugged in through an outlet, or....if they were wired in directly to our electric panel? We had no idea and know better than to "assume" anything with the Anniversary Home.

I'll let you guess how this story turns out! 

Of course the existing units are wired directly into the electric panels. Supposedly this is an easy fix. Just get an electrician around to wire it all up and then we can get the machines delivered and installed. But with our crazy schedules (someone's going to be working from home and it's not me!) who knows when we can find to even meet the guy to look at the problem, let alone actually fix it? 

Keep you posted. In the meantime, I'll let continue to the let laundry pile up and leave the ironing to Mr. B!

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