Kitchen un-update

The news on the kitchen is that there is no news. Well, no news because there's only bad news and I refuse to acknowledge bad news. (It only legitimizes it and we don't want that!)

The first quotes for contracting came in way over budget. Like, wayyyyy. Like, double wayyyy. Double ouch. And before I continue, I have to make clear: we are NOT the young couple from the HGTV shows who think they can gut / rebuild from scratch a kitchen for $20,000. (With granite, right?) We have done major home renovations before and we "get it". (Hell we added a third floor!) We know what the cost is and are willing to spend it. To a point. And apparently the point was missed.

I'm going to take one from Mr. B here and just focus on the solution forward: We're reworking parts of the plans and the contractors are rebidding. Enough said, let's make this happen.

We'll have more info next week. For now, The Anniversary Home is staying optimistic AND saavy. Just like the blog title says.

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