Mr. B has his heart set on this bad-boy: An Aga Legacy Electric Range.

Before any of you jump on our backs about electric vs. gas, let me give you the rundown on the state of the kitchen. The Anniversary Home is an electric kitchen. No simple way around it. Complicated way around it?  Yes, add gas.

But since we live in the boonies, that would mean having a visible gas tank in my backyard or basement. Not ideal. I have visions of me watching kids through the kitchen window playing backyard hide and go seek......around......a gas tank?  Yikes. My dream kitchen would have gas. But this one won't. So let's make the best of it and move on.

For Mr. B, the Aga is the quintessential English country home kitchen highlight. It's his little piece of England in the USA and I can understand that. Plus, it's kinda quirky and different, and well, that's us and this house. But, I'm still skeptical. I suppose that's because I've never cooked on one. My real hesitation is that the oven just looks weird. 

How the heck can you fit Thanksgiving in there????

Point taken, Aga.


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