Pansy painting

Next time you stop by The Anniversary Home, you'll see this beautiful addition hanging in the stairway. 

I love pansies. Maybe it's because they're the Kappa Alpha Theta flower, but I remember loving them as a kid when Mama H. would put a big pot of them right by the mailbox.

Love. These. Flowers.

When I saw this painting was going to be up for auction at Brown. Bros, I secretly hoped it would be really bad weather so no one would show up and I could easily win the auction. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Mr. B, with this impressive auction skills, won the painting the old fashioned way: by outbidding his opponent. Needless to say, I am beyond happy that we got to bring this gem home. He's already caught me several times standing in the hallway just staring at it. 

If I haven't said it enough Mr. B, thank you for the pansy painting! xxoo


  1. TL! I love Rich's "thoughtfulness of others" in purchasing this painting for you! :)