Can you do me a favor please?

If you read this blog - and you like it - would you mind "following" it please? 

And if you know someone who would like to read this blog - would you please tell them to start "following" too?

I have no giveaways (for now!) and there is no specific reason for my request. My hope that HGTV will someday discover Mr. B and me and ask us to host a TV show where we renovate and decorate other peoples old Victorians is still alive and kickin however!

Since I've started blogging about our progress with the AH, I've seen a steady trickle of new followers. Many of you found the AH thanks to Jess, Erin and Lindsey. I love all of your comments and take your advice and suggestions to heart. Let's be honest friends: I'm in my late 20's with a monster of a house and I need as much help and support as I can get. 

Some of you are old friends - some of you are my new blogger pals (whose blogs I read obsessively!) - but either way: I'd like to get to the 50 followers milestone sometime before this house project is finished. That means, sometime in the next 20 years. I think we can do this.

Again, no real reason why I say this, other than I just like a nice, even, steadily progressing number!?

And finally, if you think this blog is crap, go away! 

Happy Wednesday and thanks much blogger friends!

Mrs. B xxx


  1. alright alright. ill be whoring you out shortly ;) next blog post, my friend!!

  2. I've been a follower for a while now and I love your blog! :)


  3. Amanda - you. rock. my. world. Thanks girl. Much appreciated.

    Kaysie - Wow! Thanks for following and thank you even more for sharing YOUR blog. Add that to the list of new blogger pals and I do plan on reading yours obsessively!

    To the rest of new you followers: Welcome!!!

  4. I now follow you twice...because I forgot my old email already followed you. That there is pure winning.