Project Update: The Hope Chest

Some of you might remember the Hope Chest we picked up a few weeks ago at Brown Bros. Auction:

Sadly, the chest had lost one of it's handles. You can see the remaining handle (and the crazy carpet!) in the picture above.

Lucky for us - and believe me, I know this is random - we live really close to a shop dedicated to doorknobs, handles, door knockers, etc. Essentially, a shop of "Knobs and Knockers". It's so ridiculous, I can't even make this stuff up.

My English and Australian readers will find an extra layer of humor in this. "Knob" and "knocker" are slang for male and female anatomy which I won't share here, but use your imagination and you'll figure it out.  THAT MAKES THIS STORE HILARIOUS. Knobs and Knockers. Oh my mercy. You can only begin to imagine Mr. B's jokes.... 

But back to the hope chest. Indeed, we found a set of new handles for the hope chest at K&K. With his trusty electric screw driver, Mr. B installed them this weekend. He did an excellent job:

Yeah, there's like a face of a king on there, now that I look at it closely. Or is a lion? At the store, I just thought it was a bunch of pretty swirls. Whatevs. Kings face or no, the hope chest has two matching handsome handles.

Next step is to recover the top of it, but we'll save that fun for when Mama H. is here. Me and staple guns are probably not a good idea unsupervised! 

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  1. I love that chest! It's going to look beautiful when you're done with it.
    I never would have known that about the store name...hilarious!