Four picture frames to fill

We've got some wall space to cover in the guest bedroom. Not that I don't looooooveeeee my bay laurel color, but I think bare walls make a room feel empty. Funny that?

Mr. B has a little photography thing going on the side (nothing professional, purely an amateur hobby) but we have tons of amazing photographs from all our travels that I wanted to display. I picked up four (4) basic frames from Target - I do have a budget here friends - and ordered some 8x11's from Snapfish. Gotta love that site. They might as well pay me to get my pictures developed it's so cheap. 

Here are the pictures, all from our honeymoon in Argentina, in December 2008/January 2009:

Iguazu Falls


Perito Moreno Glacier through the forest

Mount Fitz Roy

Once they arrive and I plop them in the frames, we'll have to be super smart when we hang them. And by we, I mean Mr. B. I'm horrible at these types of projects.

I'm not reinventing the wheel here: I want them in a square, two on top, two on bottom. Luckily, Kimba at A Soft Place to Land, has taken most of the "how to" guess work out of this task with this post.

Show you pictures once they're up on the wall!

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  1. Mr. B needs to quit his job and become a professional photographer....those pictures are amazing!