Is it just me or has this been the loonnnnngesssstttt week? I am glad it's Friday. 

Good news: We received two of the three quotes back today on the "re-bid" for the kitchen. Praise the Lord, one of them is within budget! Well, sort out. We probably have to cut out one part of the project, but still, new kitchen and cabinets.

And even better, he was my favorite guy. Perhaps I shouldn't play "favorites" because ultimately I want the best craftsman rather than personality. But I take first impressions seriously and if this guy is going to be spending a lot of time in our house (when we're not there) I think it's important that we *like* him.

We'll review the quotes over the weekend and hopefully, just maybe, without jinxing anything, we can pull the trigger next week and get this kitchen reno party started. 

Wine, anyone?

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  1. Yay - can't wait to see this kitchen redo!
    I'm totally with you on judging for personality -I think it says EVERYTHING!
    Oh, and Wine? hell yes.
    Happy Weekend!