Its 1am. Do you know where your to do list is?

What's a girl gotta do to get a wink of sleep around here?

Whenever I can't sleep - which is often - I find that if I jot down a quick list of everything on my mind, it helps me to stop obsessing and lets my brain relax. But what happens when your to do list suddenly has sub-lists?

My initial list was just a "things to do around the house this weekend" which clearly was too broad. I should know better. Iteration two included lists by room. Version three had room by room (dangerous territory given the state of the kitchen!) with extended deadlines. And the current list(s) include work, MBA and other miscelleanous life items I lovingly refer to as "personal admin". Sheesh.

Upside of all this? I can at least cross off one thing before I fall asleep: Wednesday's blog post. Night night AH friends!

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