Shopping Spree!

I went on a *little* bit of a shopping spree this weekend.  I guess you could say I got overly excited that the boring painting in the guest bedroom is almost finished and we can now move on to decorating.  Combine that with the fact I've got serious cabin fever from being home sick last week and we officially have some fun purchases to share!

Unrelated to the guest bedroom, but clearly necessary, was a new Le Creuset skillet.

What was once a humble collection is gradually growing - even taking over my kitchen! (And yes, it is all flame orange color. Must. Match.) But this piece I needed. (How many times has Mr. B heard that line?) We're down a frying pan / skillet and I wanted something cast iron for corn bread - duh! - but the existing LC square grill isn't the same. Of course, it will have to wait till the new kitchen for a real test but just having it makes the wait more bearable.

Next on the list was the new Pottery Barn duvet cover I have been jonesing for... 

You can blame Anthropologie for my obsession with ruched bedding. They had a duvet cover about 6 months ago (and still do, I believe?) that was similar but an off-white, and a heck of a lot more expensive. Patience is a virtue and when PB came out with this beauty I had. to. have. it.

Every guest bedroom needs some shelves and shelves are even better when they're 20% off!  (Thank you Ballard!)

I got two of these in white - which I think will look nice against the sage walls. And minus the birds! Birds freak me out. I'm already planning picture frames and assorted knick knacks to fill the shelves. Ideas welcome.

(Funny side story: many of you will no doubt remember an infamous fight I had with Mr. B many years ago at a London IKEA over shelves. Long story short, let's say it involved me running through IKEA crying because Mr. B wouldn't buy me shelves and I even went so far as to threaten to move back to America. Not funny at the time but hilarious now. Well - I finally got my shelves!!!!) 

Lastly, we needed to find some new electrical outlet covers because the nasty plastic ones just weren't in keeping with the rest of the crazy covers throughout the house.

I know these aren't everyone's cup of tea - they're a little old fashioned but they match the rest of the covers upstairs. And it is an old Victorian home.... so deal with it.  And it's better than the current ones:

There's still lots left on the shopping list so stay tuned!!

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