Can we come out of hibernation yet?

The weather was nice enough on Sunday to spend some time outside in the yard and rocking on the front porch. *dream*

Old man winter and wind were not nice to our trees the past few weeks so we had to clean up a lot of branches and limbs. Shoot, some of those things were mini trees! I'm just thankful none fell on the house. There are patches of daffodils blooming along the house and the driveway. Blooming flowers at The Anniversary Home? Things are looking up.

The best part about the afternoon? We got to spend some time chatting with our neighbors who were also outside enjoying the weather. We've hardly had a chance to get to know them, or many others, because once November came, the entire village went in to hibernation for winter. Serious hibernation.

But hopefully, with fingers crossed, Spring is around the corner.

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