That's a fine looking wreath...

Mama H. and I both fell in love with the beautiful spring wreath from Layla and Kimba. No doubt about it, they get all the credit for this wreath. 

With a few adaptations of our own, we whipped this bad boy together on Sunday in no time at all. Pardon the pictures - the fluorescent lighting in the kitchen is not conducive to photographs!

Instead of butterflies and flowers, we chose a simple birds nest. (Even though I hate birds.)

And we made the flowers with felt instead of paper. We like the fabric on fabric look. 

I'm hanging this one inside, so I still need to find another spring wreath for the front door. Any suggestions?


  1. Love it! I found an outdoor spring wreath for you to make: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/02/made-with-love-spring-wreath.html
    You'll need to do some foraging for sticks and twigs but I'm sure you can find something out there!

  2. Love, love, love the wreath! It's so pretty! Did it take a long time to make? I've been wanting to make one but haven't gotten around to it