Mr. B & Mama H's surprise...

The office is undergoing a minor facelift.  Here's what I came home to last night:

Whose husband and mother wake up on a Monday morning and decide they are going to put in Board and Batten on a whim? Mine do. That's #winning, Charlie Sheen style.

Our project to-do list this week included painting the office, so I asked Mr. B. what color he would like. We looked for inspiration at Lowe's and there was none to be found. So on Monday morning, he said he wanted beadboard. Fair enough. I love beadboard. I suggested he google Board and Batten to see if he liked that as well. And then I left for work.

Fast forward 12 hours later and now you understand my shock and excitement that this project is going full steam ahead with no looking back.

Minus a few hiccups yesterday. (Generally, I would recommend you at least do a minimal amount of research and planning before undertaking this type of project. Just sayin.) 

Even the English Optimist gets frustrated.  Mr. B left evidence of his meltdown on the wall:

Perfect planning prevents piss poor performance / product.  Think we've found a new tagline for the Anniversary Home?


  1. how soon can he start the B&B in my new "mom cave?" seriously. very impressive!

  2. He cleans and he builds out rooms? Mr. B is the perfect house wife. Where do I sign up for one of those? :)

  3. Can you have Mr. B talk to my Mr. P? I need him to catch on to the cleaning and building part. Haha.