Why we wear orange...

Last weekend, my brother Mike, and his girlfriend Sarah, participated in the Fort Worth MS Walk.

How stinkin cute are they?

They got out of bed early on a Saturday morning (admittedly, it was a gorgeous day) to get out and WALK. Because some people with MS can't do that. And that's wrong. They walked for everyone who will benefit from ongoing research to find a cure. And for that, they get a thank you.

My brother's our unofficial MS advocate. His spring semester of college - when most students (myself included) checked out from life with senioritis, he organized a team of 50 people for the Fort Worth MS Walk. Unlike this past weekend, it was REALLY cold that day. People came out nonetheless, he raised a ton of money, and won a cheeky little award for best volunteer. 

And as if that wasn't enough, he also organized a fundraiser a week or two before the walk at a local TCU bar with a band of some of his friends. Everyone got an orange bandana and they partied for MS. That's just how he rolls.

My best friends in the entire world.

Jr. and me.

A real best friend (and Theta) makes t-shirts for every occassion. I cried. HA.

Kevin, on the left, in an orange suede vest with fringe. I would expect nothing less.

And Jimmy D probably now regretting that he even let me take this picture.

There's a million more pictures - but I'll stop before I get too carried away - and get back to the point of my post.

To all my family and friends, THANK YOU.
For walking.
For praying.
For thinking of others when there's a million and one very worthy causes.
For wearing orange even though it's kinda ugly.


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes... It was really freezing cold that day but everyone was having too much fun to notice it. Your tribute to your brother, your family, and your friends was beautifully written. You're lucky to have such a loving little brother! And I'm the luckiest mother in the world to have a daughter like you.
    Mama H

  2. Hey, this is so cool girl! Beyond glad I found your blog! Maybe you have time to visit mine too, and if you like it, follow me. I always follow back :)

    Kisses xoXx