Before & In-Progress: Office Photo Dump

The only thing stopping me from this post was trying to think of some witty, engaging, relevant text to accompany the pictures from the office re-do. Well, that and the fact there's been no time to write it. Hello, JESSIE SPANO.

I can officially say that I'm fresh out of witty, engaging, relevant ideas. My best ideas happen in the shower in the morning or on the drive home from work in the evenings. I've had a shower every day this week and a drive home every night this week. I got nothing. Nada.

Plan B? Just post the darn pictures. No editing this time. The place was a worksite and that's what your gonna get. Like it or not. But I know you will so I can pretend to be tough. Enjoy!

Another view of room from Mr. B and Mama H's first day on the job.
Note the walls are without paint. Yeah. That'll come back to haunt us.

The other side of the room. Working around the radiator = not enjoyable.

Apologies for the shadow, but isn't the morning sunshine lovely?
TAH is not really known for her "natural lighting" even though there's a ton of windows (Try 33. Window replacement quote gave me severe anxiety.) I take what I can get with sunlight!

Wouldn't be a room redecoration without Mr. B and his cup(s!) of tea!

Paint color test. We ended up using 2nd from left: Accessible Beige, Sherwin Williams.

It was snowing on April Fools. Cruel, cruel trick Mama Nature!

Because every worksite needs a box of Cheez-Its.
(I like calling it a worksite for some reason? I recognize that usually worksites are where skyscrapers are built, but this is the closest I'm going to get to that, so indulge me please.)

Paint is drying here, so may look uneven to the untrained eye!

Accessible Beige is probably the lamest paint color name I've ever heard. Way to really sell me.
But I LOVE this color. Light, airy-fairy, and not too "beige-y".

And that's where the photo fun stops. I got tired of painting, closed the door to the room, and haven't really looked at it in a week. We still need one more coat of white paint on the bottom.

If you ever attempt this project - and you should because its easy - do yourself a favor and paint the bottom white before you put the boards up. DUH.


  1. omg i LOVE the paneling. that room is going to be fabulous!

    and yes, how have we not run into each other?! we go to bobby's for happy hour almost every week. perhaps sometime we'll bump into you two accidentally on purpose???


  2. I love that paneling!! Looks great!!

  3. That snow was crazy!! Back home to 80+ degree temperatures!

  4. Oh, and the room looks great! Mr. B. is quite a carpenter. But right now, Jesus, you're building a shed.

  5. THANKS for all your kind comments about the office! They made my day!