Kitchen Renovation: Day 3


It's started! It's started! It's started!

I got a text from Mr. B on the evening of Kitchen Renovation: Day 3 which read this: Demolition has truly begun. To those of you whose husbands/boyfriends text, this may not seem like a big deal.

But Mr. B doesn't text. ("Why text when you can just call someone?" Um, duh? And here's exactly why: Because I'm in class and you can't call me, but you still want to communicate this very important update! Why, text message, you're so useful....!)

So yes, this text was a big step. And I knew it had to be big demolition. See exhibits below:

This is where our 3 cabinets used to be!

Door to basement on left, door to foyer on right
Newly discovered grate for heating - similar in shape to the ones we have upstairs

 Door to back porch. Wall to the left will hopefully be gone soon too!

Door to living room and wall to be removed still

Door to foyer on left, door to living room on right
Part of wall will be knocked out and this will be the pantry corner

Where the stove used to be - and where the new Aga will live

Another view of the corner for cabinets

I'm not going to lie yall - I have been dreaming of this day since the first time we viewed The Anniversary Home in March 2010. Imagining how it would look when we ripped out all the crap and started from scratch... gives a girl plenty to dream about.

What I hadn't imagined? The smell. Gross. It's like you just took the oldest and nastiest home and stirred it all up. Ugh.

I have high hopes for Day 4.....

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  1. wow!! so exciting. it's going to be beautiful. can't wait to see more pics as the weeks go on.