Kitchen Renovation Day 4

We came home to a completely gutted kitchen last night. It's all gone. I tried to take some pictures, but they didn't come out because the lighting was so poor in the kitchen. (Remember, it's all gone, and that includes electricity)

And if that development wasn't exciting enough, I have something even more exciting to share with you. Many of you have wanted to "hear" from Mr. B on the blog. He's stayed behind the scenes to date, and by behind the scenes, I really mean, he does all the hard work and I just talk about it. But today, he's making his blogging debut, in a different and fun way: Mr. B is going to give yall a video tour of the kitchen!

Enjoy the tour - and enjoy the accent!

**And yes, if it wasn't obvious enough, this is our first attempt at anything video or youtube related. I promise to learn more!


  1. Mr. B needs to vlog at least once a week! LOVE IT!

  2. WELCOME Mr. B! I hope this is the start of a wonderful vlogging relationship!!!!

  3. haha so Mr. B, love the humour! Keep some of that Ivy for me; I'll pop it next to the original heating shaft in the guest bedroom when I come to stay!