A public service announcement...

A PSA from Mr. & Mrs. B:

We love ivy. How can you not love these homes?

Ivy Covered House in the Woods

But I hate to break it to yall. Ivy is not your friend. Pretty to look at from afar, on someone else's house. But not yours.

It grows like a weed and its roots can grow into your foundation, even in your home. Exhibit A:

Yes, it's a little unclear, but let me help you out. That's ivy, growing in our kitchen, behind the walls, but inside the house/foundation. Sheesh.

I know exactly where it's coming from. On the outside of the house there is a "little" ivy growing around this general area. How in the world did it get inside?? Imagine what it would look like if we had "a lot" of ivy outside? How much would be inside?

Ivy is not your friend.


  1. Do I need to remind you of the 3 month battle we had with that Ivy in our London backyard? It tore the neighbour’s fence down, killed an apple tree and refused to die even after we cut its roots with an axe. Evil bloody plant (feed me Seymour!).