Kitchen Renovation: Day 5

For those of you who are really up on your history, this post's title could read: "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"  (At least I know Senior would find this funny. Plus, I told yall many months ago I am a total history nerd, so deal with it.)

Yes, Mr. Reagan, the wall has started to come down!

All the flooring is gone now too.

The heating duct that goes to nowhere

Looking from the dining room in to the kitchen.
Amazed at how much more light there is!

This door frame will be knocked out too - those windows in the back will be beautiful when finished!

The leaky ceiling.

I feel like they're making good progress. Let's hope the entire project stays at this pace....knock on wood!

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  1. Wooo Hoo!! Love seeing this progress - the wall demolition already makes it look so different - i like!